New Years Resolutions 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013

I started setting some goals a while back and I thought I’d dig them out and freshen them up a bit for January. These are the main 5 to focus on…

1. Learn (properly) the construction clothes

Pattern Folder

I enrolled on a 36 week course at Wigan and Leigh College and I’m a third of the way to becoming a qualified pattern drafter. How about that!

It’s not cheap but it was a good move. Our tutor Bernie has been in industry for a lifetime and each week I come away with an invaluable nugget of information.

I’m now confident in constructing and adapting patterns from blocks. Soon we’ll be creating blocks based on our own measurements and constructing garments from them.

I went into the class with quite a bit of knowledge already and even though everyone is at different levels, it still challenges and me and makes me feel a bit nervous about ‘keeping up’. Love it. Now I need to make sure I put all that learning into practise.

Anyone thinking about doing something similar – go for it!

2. Watch less TV

I’m rocking this one so far – hence this post being written!

These are just some of the series that I’ve watched in their entirety…at least twice -
Friends, Scrubs, Mythbusters, Judge Judy, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Bob Ross, Project Runway…


As much as I love them, how many wasted hours is that? Well, maybe not on the last two – both educational.

Then we’ve got your Downton Abbey, X Factor and Buzzcock type shows. And films! So many films! Just lucky theres no soaps on top of that list.

So, I’m choosing to be wiser with my free time and making sure it’s a little more productive rather than passive. So far this week I’ve switched on the DAB radio, made a blouse and started a dress commission, alongside being back at work – all by minimising the crap antidepressants tele. Let’s see if it sticks…

3. No more shop bought cards

*gags* Whoops nearly hurled again at the thought of standing in Asda fighting to get to the xmas cards to find all thats left are “Forever Friends Bears” or “To my Mummy/Daddy/Grandma” cards. No more! It’s Mum/Dad/Nan alright!
christmas cardWhy? It’s ugly!

So, I’ve been spending some time (and a bit too much money) at Paperchase investing in bits and bats for homemade cards. After making personalised gift tags at Christmas, I realised it was actually a lot of fun and was nice therapy against the christmas panic. So for 2013, card aisles are banned :)

4. Share more on this blog

There are so many projects going on at any one time but I rarely get around to sharing them on here. Either through time or self doubt (who’d want to read that)(the photos are rubbish)(it’s not finished yet) many many projects are lost in iPhoto waiting for a rainy day. So my goal is to be less of a perfectionist and just share! There’s nothing more lovely than when someone comments or learns from what you’ve done. My rubbish pleating board video has had 9k views (to date) and has so many lovely comments – yet I cringe at the thought of people watching it. Stop being picky and just do it!

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection” – Mark Twain

5. The biggy – make an Oscars dress
I’ve booked 2 days holidays from work to make an Oscars dress in February. It’s something that every year I regret not doing. This time = committed! More on this closer to the date…

Oscar dresses


If anyone is up for staying up all night and making an Oscar dress too – get in touch!

I’ve loved reading everyone else’s resolutions over the past week, are we all going to stick to them?

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