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Update : A Walk Around London

Update : A Walk Around London

Back from a shopping trip in London and my head is full of all the amazing fabrics, haberdashery and vintage clothing & furniture London has to offer.

With an early start and just over 2 hours on the train, we found ourselves at Portobello market before the traders! But that was fine, it was really interesting to watch the market take shape and turn from a quite road, into a bursting scene of people, food and colours.

Hidden amongst the vintage stalls we found a hand made coaster shop. A table filled with images sat between glass and a cork base. It took some time but I couldn’t leave without perfect combination for my coffee table.

Table coaster stall at Portobello market

I went for a yellow themed industrial/up-cycle kind of theme…


A change in direction saw a row a shops filled with second hand furniture. Amongst the wooden chairs and hand made mannequins (!) we found a huge pile of pick and mix door knobs for sale. Again, couldn’t leave without picking up a few for a future project.

Door handles stall in Portobello market

You’ll be seeing these again in a blog post soon.

Door knobs

The final purchase of the day – and my favourite – came from the famous Berwick Street located between Oxford Rd and Soho.

We started in the Cloth Shop, made our way down through a few other specialist fabric shops and found ourself getting the most superb service from Borovicks Fabrics.

Wall of fabric

My brief was ‘a like weight polyester as close to Silk as I can get but without the Silk price tag’ and the brief was met! Mr Borovick (sorry, didn’t ask his name but he was the owner of the shop) had material draped over me to check the colours matched my skin tone. He pulled out every possible purchase and draped them around the shop for me see – it was like a dream!

So, I came away with 2 & 3 meters of two absolutely gorgeous satins in a light blue and a darker grey/blue. I’m almost scared to begin a pattern because they are so beautiful :)

Borovicks Fabrics

Other sights worth mentioning are the crazy amount of fabric shops in Shepherds Bush, the accessories in Oxford Street Top Shop and the impressive special effects in the West Ends Ghost the Musical.

Here’s a selection of images taken from the rest of the trip -

Leather stallKnecklaces

Portobello market stallButtons

shop window on Berwick streetRichard Weston Scarves

LibertysHaberdashery at Libertys

Libertys SilksLighting in Libertys

Nicole @ beaufrog

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  1. Amy

    August 7, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    I really need to get myself to Portobello market, those door knobs look amazing! Another great destination in London for fabric is Walthamstow market – have you been? I love Berwick St but it’s a little out of my price range…looks like you got some beautiful bits and pieces.


    • Nicole

      August 7, 2011 at 11:38 pm

      Haven’t been to Walthamstow market yet, but you’ve just given me a great reason to plan another trip! Thanks!


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