Shabby Garden Love in Malvern

Shabby Garden Love in Malvern

Last weekend I visited the Malvern spring flower show. Mum, dad, sis and I packed the car with wine gums and travelled the 140′ish miles from the Rivington Moors to the Malvern hills to view the splendours that a flower show has to offer.

There were some pretty incredible gardens and flowers on show, but the nice surprise was the huge collection of reclamation stalls selling dinted buckets, rusted watering cans and wooden crates. This made me very happy!

Beautiful Welsh woollen blankets followed by rusty train signs. Heaven.

Loved the tin can flower pots. Have been building my collection for a while now waiting for a nice summer How To session.

Really fun garden divide designed to create a habitat for insects and bees.

And the fruits of our labour -

In the trolley -

1. Garden mirror with shutter doors. Picture the Ivy growing over it

2. A typographers draw with letter stamps. Very excited about doing this up

3. A stone arch – Mum hasn’t revealed what she has planned for this…

4. Print of a car on a Hessian rice sack from India

5. Oh yeah and a plant – just the one!

For more garden inspiration visit my Secret Garden pin board. Anyone else getting excited about replacing the weeds with the roses this summer? Looks like the sun is almost here…

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One Comment

  1. Kevin @ Oven Cleaning Malvern

    October 30, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Some great pictures of the Malvern show. I like the secret garden door and the shelving unit best.


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