Oh Winter – What are you doing to our hair?

Oh Winter – What are you doing to our hair?

purple frizz

Central heating, split ends, dark mornings, run down, dizzle and wind.

Poor hair. It goes through a lot. By the end of Feb we end up looking like this!

I’m very conscious, maybe more so than average, of keeping my hair in tact – probably because of the amount of heat I put it under.

I’m unable to put those irons away and always look to a product for a miracle cure that will stop it all breaking away when I’m an older lady.

This year I’ve decided to (try and) look for other alternative hairstyles that avoid straighteners. I rely far too heavily on them and now that the hair is long, I want to keep it long and in condish!

So here are some alternatives that I’ve been trying out. (I did want to use my own photographs but it was quite hard to angle the camera!)

The Bun

tuck it in bun

The Top Knot

top knot hair

The Donut



sideways pleat




And best of all…

Natural Curls

Undo any of these hair styles and get beautiful hair for day number 2.

natural curls


Ahh and my trusted friend Frizz-Ease serum and a really good deep conditioner. I’ve been using John Freda recently (the full repair one in the red tube) and it smells gorge.

Hope this helps you out too when you’re in a winter hair rut and your only turn is the straighteners – there are other options :)


Image credits – purple frizz : tucked bun : top knot : donut : pleats : headband : headscarf : natural curls

Plus more images on my pinterest board

Nicole @ beaufrog


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