Gatsby Glamour: Creating a Vintage Hair Style

Gatsby Glamour: Creating a Vintage Hair Style

Now I love everything Art Deco! You can see that from my Art Deco Dreams pin board. So when Laura kindly offered to teach me about 1920′s inspired hairstyles I said “yes please!”

the great gatsby

Following the release of Baz Luhrmann’s latest cinematic masterpiece ‘The Great Gatsby’, 1920’s inspired vintage glamour is experiencing a revival on the high street and especially at parties. Here are a few simple steps to achieving the Gatsby look…

Retro Waves

If you’re working with long hair then one option for vintage inspired locks is sleek waves, consider Scarlett Johansson and January Jones for inspiration and be sure to invest in a good conditioner!

Roll your hair into curls and pin it in place while it’s damp, release the pin once your hair is thoroughly dry. Tip: Make sure you don’t roll and pin tiny sections of hair, larger sections mean you’re more likely to get big waves as opposed to small, tight curls.

retro waves


The Bob

The bob was born in the 1920’s and caused uproar amongst the establishment. Women flocked to barber shops to mimic the popular celebrities of the era, but the look was considered to be so drastic and antisocial that many women kept their tresses afterwards in order to disguise their new style!

Today the concept of the bob inciting hysteria seems pretty laughable, adopt the flapper style and embrace your inner 1920’s punk! However, if you’re craving antiviral length it’s easy to locate human hair extensions these days and change your style to suit your mood.

the bob

Finger waves

If your hair is on the shorter side then don’t panic, there are vintage styles for every length. You can still complete the flapper look with a straight fringe, framing your face with a distinctive and imposing shape. If straight hair isn’t your style then create finger curls for a more relaxed alternative, or add a single pin curl creating a nod to the 20’s look.

finger waves

As demonstrated in The Great Gatsby, 1920’s fashion is synonymous with opulence and glamour. Accessorising your vintage look is essential and there are numerous options if you’re looking to recreate some Gatsby glamour for yourself!

Jewelled Headbands

A jewelled headband is the perfect way to crown your vintage mane. This one is available from for £15.

jewelled headbands

ASOS Jewel Cross Headband

Cloche Hats

Nothing says 1920’s fashion quite like the cloche hat, and if you’re having a bad hair day but still want to tackle the trend then the cloche is the way forward. Tip: the cloche is usually more of a winter style as they are generally made of felt or other similar heavy fabrics, so stick to the jewelled headband trend until autumn trends make a comeback later in the year.

cloche hats

Author: Don’t limit yourself to one style, it’s easy to adapt to changing trends with

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