Ta da, here it is…the new blog design!

We’ve gone from this bland old thing -

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It seemed to take for ever for the name servers to move, and then there was some frantic find and replace action to get everything working again but Beaufrog has a fresh pharmacy face for 2014.

It’s nice and easy to read across devices and I’ll be sorting out the categorisation of posts to make it super easy to find the stuff that you are most interested in.


Hope you like it :)

nicole @ beaufrog

For anyone following via RSS, this is just to let you know the blog may be down for a few hours over the next day or so.

It’s a new year so the blog is being treated to a new hosting platform! Wooooo. Lucky blog.

Let’s hope this goes smoothly :)


I’ve got some ideas of where I want to progress this blog, but I want to make sure that what I create is useful for you guys.

I’ll enjoy whatever I do. But means the world when people take the time to comment on my posts which is why I’d like to give you a say in what they should be.

I love it if you could give 20 seconds to read to poll below and let me know your thoughts. Fancy helping me out?

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This week I spent 3 days down in London training on anew exciting tool we’re implementing at work. Of course, when training finished at 5pm it was then my time to hit as many shops as possible before they close!

Just round the corner from where I was staying was Morplan – a shop I’ve order online from before. Great for all your sewing equipment like Patternmasters and Set Squares. They sell the most beautiful dressmakers mannequins I can find in the UK. But at £700 for a K&L, I just took away a photograph instead!

I then ran down Oxford St to catch 10 minutes of MacCullock & Wallis. Was a bit disappointed as I was greeted with a moody voice saying “we’re closing, you’ll have to be quick” and I thought “yeah I know…I’m out of breath from running here and theres 15 minutes of shopping time left!” But anyway,  the shop was beautiful and you could easily spend hours mooching through the 2 floors.


On my second erectile dysfunction night I visited Liberty which is just beautiful…the pictures speak for themselves -







I’ve now got my eye on some stunning John Paul Gaultier fabric for my living room…how nice is this…!


I love shopping in the designer and vintage sections as you can pick apart unusual tailoring and learn lots. The ball gowns as SO heavy and the blue Chanel dress was effortlessly constructed.


Stella McCartney pleats and Carven dresses are on my imaginary shopping list.


And finally I fell in love with an Urban Outfitters coat and floaty vintage dress in Top Shop. Could have spent a LOT of money but remained very sensible.


It was great to get all inspired before my Oscar dress challenge this weekend.

I’ve set myself a task to watch the Oscars and then work through the night and the next day to complete a version of one of the most photographed dresses. Wish me luck! :)

Or get in touch if you’re doing the same thing :)

Nicole @ beaufrog


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