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Whilst watching A Jubilee Tribute to The Queen by The Prince of Wales, I was taken aback by some of the personal film footage in the program. This is the first time the images have been released and it shows a whole other side to the Royals that we haven’t seen before.

The footage was bursting with colour, in particular the ceremony scenes as the diamonds twinkled. It was fun seeing Prince Charles’s reactions to the film too as we see him watching it for the first time. Oh and how cool in Prince Philip! He is one cool Royal!

Princess Anne, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Queen chasing the bicycles.

The film footage shows the kids (and Prince Philip!) rolling down the hill.

We all have one of these photos!

Prince Charles talks about how this is the Queens favourite head piece.

The Queen after the news that her father had died and she would become Queen. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it on the iPlayer or it’s on You Tube for any non Brits. For more images see the Daily Mail.


I’d also recommend 60 Years of the Queens Fashion, he’s a couple of beautiful dresses…


And finally, some things you never knew about the Royal family -

  • During her twenties, the Queen revealed herself to be a surprisingly good mimic, a talent she has kept to this day. Her favourite “acts” are Rolf Harris, René from ‘Allo ‘Allo and Tony Benn.
  • Prince Philip’s remark in 1970 about his daughter Anne – “If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she isn’t interested” – raised his public profile.
  • In 1984, she started using a small cottage on the Sandringham estate as a place where she could “play ordinary”. Sometimes she will spend an entire day at the cottage, tidying up, watching The Jeremy Kyle Show and organising an “ordinary” dinner-party for close friends.
  • For some time now, Prince Philip has suffered from a compulsion to insult people, even heads of state, whom he meets. The Queen has insisted that this condition, known by doctors as Royal Tourette’s Syndrome, should be ignored.

For more see the Telegraph

Images taken from the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

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A couple of months back, I sat reading the What Katie Does blog with a brew in hand, and was really interested to hear her describe her involvement in the design of a new site called Llustre – a members only home decor site.

Now the site has launched (in the last couple of weeks!) it’s nice to see how it’s taking shape. It’s a fresh approach to buying responsible design. I use the word responsible to describe how the user is given all the information they need to feel the value is worth paying. All original deisgns, no copy cat fakes.

First impressions are – I love the feel and brightness of the site. It’s a nice, fresh, stimulating place to hang out for 10 minutes here and there. I’m a sucker for beautiful design and it looks as though Llustre has a whole calendar of beauties for us to see.

The approach that grabbed my interest however is the ‘founder membership’ angle that Llustre used in recruiting an audience at the time of signing up. They are actively giving away credit in return for signing up and sharing with friends, and it’s really interesting to see a growing number of sites use a boutique style membership approach rather than a ‘Sign up’ – which blood pressure would be very dull in comparison.

Another members only site Achica employs a similar approach, but not quite as quirky. The site is dark and the emails are heavy. More focused on the commercial saving rather than the story behind the product – but still a great site that seems to be building quite a cult following.

The strapline “members only luxury lifestyle store” sets the scene that this is high brow and desirable. Followed by “New members can register now for free” – well whether there was ever a charge or not, everyone loves a freebie.

You can even see this style of ‘exclusivity’ on Pinterest where a user has to request an invite to join the club.

As long as the content is good, I’m willing to be a part of all these clubs! And as I sit and wait for my Llustre emails to arrive, my eyes are peeled for this beautiful cyan angle poise lamp…


If you’re thinking about giving Llustre a go, (or becoming a founding member ;)) you can sign up here, or you help me get one step closer to a £5 discount by using my personal sign up link. (If you do – thank you :) )

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I am absolutely loving the Britain’s Next Big Thing BBC series. Each week I tune in to see how the Prof is doing in Liberty, or whether Habitat will accept the Frog.

The series follows a selection of product designers who pitch their ideas to Liberty, Boots or Habitat. The host Theo Paphitis travels the country visiting the designers offering his words of wisdom.

The reason I prefer this series to programs such as Dragons Den, is that it has a much more honest portrayal of investment in to products. It talks through the license verses manufacturer argument and lets the viewers watch the inventors battle with the tough decisions.

The star of the show has to be the Cardiff University Professor of Architecture who has landed himself in the world of ladies fashion. His obsession with minerals has led to a spend of over weight loss £30,000 yet it is what he does with the minerals that adds the wow to the story.

The Prof makes high resolution scans of the minerals and prints them on to silk scarves manufacturered in an Italian silk printing factory. His scarves are now sold in Liberty and still take my breath away every time I catch a glimpse of the pieces of art.

Here’s the Prof and his scarves –


After passing by Habitat this weekend, I noticed a familiar looking little orange vase looking at me from the shelf. It was the ‘face’ vase seen in the series designed by Catherine Gray. Really nice to see designs filtering on to the high street that we know a little background on. Congratulations to all the designers who were successful, and for those who weren’t…I’m sure we’ll see you around.

Nicole @ beaufrog


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