Now I love everything Art Deco! You can see that from my Art Deco Dreams pin board. So when Laura kindly offered to teach me about 1920′s inspired hairstyles I said “yes please!”

the great gatsby

Following the release of Baz Luhrmann’s latest cinematic masterpiece ‘The Great Gatsby’, 1920’s inspired vintage glamour is experiencing a revival on the high street and especially at parties. Here are a few simple steps to achieving the Gatsby look…

Retro Waves

If you’re working with long hair then one option for vintage inspired locks is sleek waves, consider Scarlett Johansson and January Jones for inspiration and be sure to invest in a good conditioner!

Roll your hair into curls and pin it in place while it’s damp, release the pin once your hair is thoroughly dry. Tip: Make sure you don’t roll and pin tiny sections of hair, larger sections mean you’re more likely to get big waves as opposed to small, tight curls.

retro waves


The Bob

The bob was born in the 1920’s and caused uproar amongst the establishment. Women flocked to barber shops to mimic the popular celebrities of the era, but the look was considered to be so drastic and antisocial that many women kept their tresses afterwards in order to disguise their new style!

Today the concept of the bob inciting hysteria seems pretty laughable, adopt the flapper style and embrace your inner 1920’s punk! However, if you’re craving length it’s easy to locate human hair extensions these days and change your style to suit your mood.

the bob

Finger waves

If your hair is on the shorter side then don’t panic, there are vintage styles for every length. You can still complete the flapper look with a straight fringe, framing your face with a distinctive and imposing shape. If straight hair isn’t your style then create finger curls for a more relaxed alternative, or add a single pin curl creating a nod to the 20’s look.

finger waves

As demonstrated in The Great Gatsby, 1920’s fashion is synonymous with opulence and glamour. Accessorising your vintage look is essential and there are numerous options if you’re looking to recreate some Gatsby glamour for yourself!

Jewelled Headbands

A jewelled headband is the perfect way to crown your vintage mane. This one is available from for £15.

jewelled headbands

ASOS Jewel Cross Headband

Cloche Hats

Nothing says 1920’s fashion quite like the cloche hat, and if you’re having a bad hair day but still want to tackle the trend then the cloche is the way forward. Tip: the cloche is usually more of a winter style as they are generally made of felt or other similar heavy fabrics, so stick to the jewelled headband trend until autumn trends make a comeback later in the year.

cloche hats

Author: Don’t limit yourself to one style, it’s easy to adapt to changing trends with

Featured, Inspired, Update


This week I spent 3 days down in London training on anew exciting tool we’re implementing at work. Of course, when training finished at 5pm it was then my time to hit as many shops as possible before they close!

Just round the corner from where I was staying was Morplan – a shop I’ve order online from before. Great for all your sewing equipment like Patternmasters and Set Squares. They sell the most beautiful dressmakers mannequins I can find in the UK. But at £700 for a K&L, I just took away a photograph instead!

I then ran down Oxford St to catch 10 minutes of MacCullock & Wallis. Was a bit disappointed as I was greeted with a moody voice saying “we’re closing, you’ll have to be quick” and I thought “yeah I know…I’m out of breath from running here and theres 15 minutes of shopping time left!” But anyway,  the shop was beautiful and you could easily spend hours mooching through the 2 floors.


On my second night I visited Liberty which is just beautiful…the pictures speak for themselves -







I’ve now got my eye on some stunning John Paul Gaultier fabric for my living room…how nice is this…!


I love shopping in the designer and vintage sections as you can pick apart unusual tailoring and learn lots. The ball gowns as SO heavy and the blue Chanel dress was effortlessly constructed.


Stella McCartney pleats and Carven dresses are on my imaginary shopping list.


And finally I fell in love with an Urban Outfitters coat and floaty vintage dress in Top Shop. Could have spent a LOT of money but remained very sensible.


It was great to get all inspired before my Oscar dress challenge this weekend.

I’ve set myself a task to watch the Oscars and then work through the night and the next day to complete a version of one of the most photographed dresses. Wish me luck! :)

Or get in touch if you’re doing the same thing :)

Nicole @ beaufrog


purple frizz

Central heating, split ends, dark mornings, run down, dizzle and wind.

Poor hair. It goes through a lot. By the end of Feb we end up looking like this!

I’m very conscious, maybe more so than average, of keeping my hair in tact – probably because of the amount of heat I put it under.

I’m unable to put those irons away and always look to a product for a miracle cure that will stop it all breaking away when I’m an older lady.

This year I’ve decided to (try and) look for other alternative hairstyles that avoid straighteners. I rely far too heavily on them and now that the hair is long, I want to keep it long and in condish!

So here are some alternatives that I’ve been trying out. (I did want to use my own photographs but it was quite hard to angle the camera!)

The Bun

tuck it in bun

The Top Knot

top knot hair

The Donut



sideways pleat




And best of all…

Natural Curls

Undo any of these hair styles and get beautiful hair for day number 2.

natural curls


Ahh and my trusted friend Frizz-Ease serum and a really good deep conditioner. I’ve been using John Freda recently (the full repair one in the red tube) and it smells gorge.

Hope this helps you out too when you’re in a winter hair rut and your only turn is the straighteners – there are other options :)


Image credits – purple frizz : tucked bun : top knot : donut : pleats : headband : headscarf : natural curls

Plus more images on my pinterest board

Nicole @ beaufrog


Guest Post, Inspired

There are a ton of fashion trends this winter – so many it’s almost hard to keep up.  Luckily, some of the trendiest looks most likely incorporate items that you already have in your wardrobe. So, by investing in just a few new pieces this winter you can easily mix and match the new with the old and the high-end brands with the less expensive to put together chic and affordable looks this holiday season.

Whether you’re running errands, going to a coffee date or attending a holiday party, incorporate one of these must-haves into your look to stay warm and right on trend.

Tailored Blazer

A well-structured blazer can add a touch of sophistication to any look. During the day, try a tweed blazer with a pair of skinny jeans. For a more formal affair, opt for a tuxedo jacket in either black or white.

High Boots

Boots that that hit at the knee are wardrobe staple, while over-the-knee styles are making it big this season. When paired with jeans, leggings or a dress, high boots create a dramatic and sexy look.

Layered Leather

Don’t just limit leather to your shoes. Try mixing leather leggings or a skirt with a chic biker jacket and boots for an even sexier and edgier look. Soften your outfit with a billowy blouse or a simple cashmere sweater.

Bold Reds

Nothing says holidays like the color red. It also happens to be one of the sexiest colors. Crimson pieces, like a classic Azzaro dress, may be your go-to outfit for holiday shindigs, while the deeper, oxblood hue is great for everyday wear.


If you’re going to splurge on one thing this season, make it a luxurious fur coat or vest. Some of the best finds are in vintage shops where you can score real or faux goods. Fur is a stand-alone piece that looks great with an LBD or a pair of fitted jeans. I chose this one from Asos Marketplace -

Textured Knits

From chunky cable knit sweaters to textured jackets and capes, textured knits are seen everywhere this season, and for a good reason – they keep you warm on those chilly winter days. A traditional sweater works great during the day with jeans and fun accessories. For night, glam it up by trying a more structured knit jacket.

Silk Trousers

Strong, sexy, stylish and soft. With a tailored fit and in a variety of prints and colors, silk trousers take a modern spin on the classic pants and shirt look. From high end designers to high street fashion stores, these super luxe pants are everywhere, so you’re bound to find a pair that is within your budget.


From chunky snoods and wild prints to pashminas and dainty silks, a fun, warm scarf can be your best friend this season, adding interest to your outfit and keeping you warm.

Go-To Hat

Having a bad hair day? Don’t worry. A big hat will hide it and instantly make you look glamorous. Complete any look with a floppy or wide brimmed hat.

 Estate-Sale Earrings

Whether they’re handed down to you from your grandmother, a great steal at a vintage boutique, or a fun pair from a trendy shop – it doesn’t matter where you get these over-the-top statement earrings from, as long as you have a pair. This statement accessory adds a touch of glam and style to any outfit.

Thanks to Patti for the advice, all I need to do now if find all these things!

Nicole @ beaufrog


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