Angela contacted me saying she loved the post I did about up-cycling a dress to a skirt and that she had some more ideas for up-cycling clothes. Here they are…

The change from summer to autumn means transitioning your wardrobe from the bright and fresh dresses to the warm and sophisticated fall garments. I was inspired to write this post after reading Nicole’s Dress to Skirt Up-Cycle because there are a lot of ways to make tired clothes feel new again, which is great for us recovering shopaholics out there. I’ll let you in on three of my apparel polishing tricks from splattering paint to repurposing shirts.

Use fabric paint on lackluster dresses, shirts or handbags.

You can use fabric paint on anything fabric, so go crazy with it. Use a paintbrush, spray bottle, or even a stamp to turn solid boring pieces into bold artistic designs. Splatters of purple, cobalt blue, and emerald green would be perfect for fall. You can achieve different looks depending on how you apply it. Use a bigger paint brush to paint some larger areas randomly throughout the dress. I like to do this on both sides (letting each side dry) on top of cardboard, outside on the ground. Then you can add a few small splatters using a small circular flinging motion with your smaller brush or use a spray bottle for a mor misted look. You might even want to add some shapes with a homemade potato stamp if you are feeling really crafty.

Get inspired by these dresses from Dolce & Gabbana

dolce and gabbana paint splatter dresses

Change the hem of your dresses or skirts.

After gaining a little bit of weight over the last year, I realised my fall sweater dresses don’t fit the way they used to. Now almost too short to wear with leggings, I decided to add a thick ribbon to the hem to add a couple of inches of length. Check out the variety of wholesale hair loss ribbon by visiting and choose the right style to match your dress, skirt or shirt.

Skirt Ribbon

© Oliver and S

Turn your garment inside out and align the top of the ribbon with the bottom of the skirt using pins. You can measure how much you will need as you pin it, and cut the ribbon generously so you have a bit of room to work with. You can take your time to hand stitch it, or use a sewing machine. Make sure that you double stitch every couple of stitches so that it stays put through the wear and tear. Stitch the ribbon ends together once you make it all the way around your skirt, and you are done!


Repurpose all those worn in shirts.

Those soft, worn out shirts that have been taking up space in your closet can be easily made into a creative scarf. Just use two of different colors or patterns and place them on a hard surface. Cut the shirts lengthwise into long strips about 1 ½ inches wide (different lengths are fine).  Cut off the sleeves and set them aside for the last step.

T-Shirt Scarf

© Ninth & Bird

Pull on the strips so that they roll in on themselves like t-shirt fabric tends to do. Next, twist or braid some pieces together, maybe string a few beads on too and tie the ends in knots. Take the sleeve fabric and sew it around the knots for a polished look.


Thanks for those ideas! This is a bit about the author…

Angela Johnson is a 28 year old superwoman who loves sewing and playing Barbies with her four year old daughter. She also spends a lot of time tending to her huge organic garden, and walking her dog.


Nicole @ beaufrog

Christmas Decorations, Craft, Guest Post

Oh yeah! Needed to get that out of my system.

As we all start to put up our trees, the lovely Ella has written some great instructions on how to to save a few pennies and make your own decorations…take it away Ella…

It’s hard to avoid all of the commotion of Christmas now we’re officially in December; festive songs are now being played on the radio, wish-lists are being compiled and it’s not long until the Christmas tree is due to go up – which also means, it’s time dig out your best festive decorations that have been collecting dust up in the loft all year.

But, as you unwrap that glittery snowman from last year’s newspaper sheets and dust him off, you suddenly feel that decorating the house has become a bit of a chore, rather than a festive pleasure.

Why? Well, because, having to use the same decorations every year is just getting a little bit boring, right? So, it’s time to make this year’s decorations ten times better than the last. But, I’m not talking about spending those much-needed pennies by popping down to the shops and buying new ones here, I’m talking about making them – from scratch.

Now, I know with the mountains of Christmas shopping you have left to tackle, making decorations is probably the last thing you want to do. But, trust me, because doing so will add a whole new meaning to your Christmas celebrations, this year.

So, grab yourself any craft materials you can get your hands on and give the following festive ideas a go:


There’s often one festive home decoration that many of us seem to forget about, until we start seeing our neighbours putting one up, and that’s the wreath. As an important symbol of the advent season, it’s a key decorative requirement for your household at Christmas.

But, rather than nipping down to your local garden center to get one, it’s much more fun to make one!

To start, you will need:

  • Two wire coat hangers
  • A mixture of greenery; leaves, ivy, berries and ferns from the garden are a good place to start, as they’re guaranteed to make your wreath look beautiful.
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon
  • Lightweight floral wire or hot glue
  • Any extra optional craft materials; such as glitter, glittery spray, paint or string.

Then, to go about making your very own festive wreath, just follow these simple steps:

Make a circular base using two wire coat hangers. You can weave the hangers together for extra support, or just secure them together using the floral tape. For a bigger circumference, you may have to use more than 2 coat hangers to extend the original length.
2. For the body of the wreath, cut your greenery into 8” or 10” long branches – keep them longer in order to allow enough length to successfully wrap the greenery around your base.
3. To add a more festive touch to your wreath, add a little glue to the greenery and shimmer over some glitter. Or, use glitter spray to lightly coat the greenery.
4. Then, using the lightweight floral wire, secure the branches to the wreath base by over lapping them, and then repeating the process for the other pieces of greenery. Keep adding the stems until the wreath base is fully covered.
5.  Using the ribbon, tie together a big bow and secure to the top or bottom of the wreath using the floral wire or hot glue
6. Then all that’s left to do it hang it to your door and watch as your neighbours admire it!



This festive decoration is great to rest on any fireplaces, shelves, windowsills and mantelpieces, because aside from looking great, they’re also great fun to make!

All you need to make one is:

  • A selection of wooden letters (available from many craft shops. They cost around 75p – £1.50 depending on what size you choose) to spell out your chosen festive word; Noel, Joy and Christmas are popular choices.
  • A mixture of greenery from your garden, such as leaves, ivy, berries and ferns (or any you may have leftover from your wreath!)
  • Hot glue
  • A flat wooden plank (available from most DIY stores)
  • A selection of craft materials; for example, glitter, glitter spray, ribbon, paint, or felt tip pens.

To start making your festive mantelpiece decoration, follow these simple steps:

1. Start by decorating your letters and wooden plank to make them look a little more appealing, by either painting/spray painting them, covering them in glitter, or drawing on them using felt tip pens – it’s completely up to you how you want your decoration to look!
2. Once the letters and the plank have dried, use the hot glue to affix your wooden letters to the flat wooden plank, making sure to leave regular spacings between each letter. The wooden plank will not only act as the base of your ornament to make it a little more sturdy, but it will also act as a good base to attach your greenery to.
3. Once the hot glue has dried, all that’s left to do is decorate the rest of your ornament. Use the greenery to cover the entirety of the base to give your ornament more body – you can even affix any of your smaller decorations to the ornament; baubles or old tree decorations are great for this.
4. Once again, leave everything to dry. Once everything has been set in place, all that’s left to do is place the ornament wherever you like in your house and voila! – A brand new, homemade Christmas decoration!

Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful home craft ideas to those looking to decorate their homes this Christmas.   

Thanks Ella, you’ve inspired me to go find some cheap wonky trees and cut the branches to make a wreath :)

Nicole @ beaufrog




I love bunting. And I love infographics. So whats better than a bunting infographic?

I thought this was a really clever way to combine digital data with celebration craft. The guys at Spreading Jam have been busy with a team of expert stitchers crafting this clever idea.

“Our inspiration came from all the naff jubilee trinkets out there we saw in every shop and street corner. Jubilee this and Jubilee that. From thimbles to thrones. Then we got thinking. An epiphany, a spark, a moment of genius: what if the data visualisation was actually a piece of memorabilia itself!?”

The buntings anti anxiety features spoof Royal Twitter accounts, a Jubilee party buzz map with the highest amount of buzz in red and a scale of the most popular types of naff memorabilia. Genius!

Well done guys, very impressive execution of a clever idea!

You can see images of the making of the bunting and the final designs on Pinterest.


There are some amazing Jubilee tutorials out there at the moment. looking for inspiration, give these a go -

Mollie Makes – Best of Julilee Stitching

The Making Spot – Get Crafting for the Jubilee

It’s not too late to celebrate, is anyone else frantically sewing union jacks right now?


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